Paros & Antiparos




Archaeological Museum of Parikia, behind the church of Ekatontapiliani. Exhibits of 6000 years old artifacts, like: 'The Fat Woman of Saliangos', Cycladic idols, statues (Niki 5th BC, Gorgon 6th BC, Parian Chronicles - marble inscriptions of the 3rd BC, and more).

Byzantine Museum, at Ekatontapiliani Church. Exhibits rare icons and priceless artifacts.

Anthemion Collection, at Sarakiniko. Exhibits historic artifacts of Paros.


Byzantine & Post Byzantine Icons inside the church of Agios Athanasios.

Folklore Collection “Othona Kapari”, near the central square: old books and artifacts.

Folklore Collection by the Music & Dance Group of Naoussa, 200m from the central square. Traditional folk costumes.


Yria Folklore Museum, with hand-made textiles and other everyday objects of Parian life.

Museum of Aegean Folklore with old furniture, tools and other important exhibits


Folklore Museum, in the centre of the village. Traditional objects of local residents.

Perantinos Museum with 192 statues of this famous marble sculptor.

Byzantine Art Gallery with priceless icons.


Scorpios Museum of Cycladic Folklore, where one can see miniatures of ships and of characteristic Cycladic buildings.

Anemomilos (Windmill) Gallery with art events and exhibits of handicrafts.


Art Galeries


Apothiki Gallery, in the old city near to the Venetian Castro; organizes modern art events with the participation of international artists, often with global reputation.

Orangedoor Gallery, in the main market street, exhibitions of contemporary art.


Pontoporos Gallery, near to the Venetian port, hosts exhibitions of modern art